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Administrative Coordinator (m/f) for Darmstadt
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Verfasst am: Di Feb 09, 2016 14:33 Titel: Administrative Coordinator (m/f) for Darmstadt Antworten mit Zitat

On behalf of our client we are looking for an experienced secretary / assistant to support administrative office tasks. You are responsible for an important sector and the position is based in Darmstadt. Anticipated start date is asap.
- Organize independently office supplies
- Manage payment process for all kind of expenses
- Purchase all other equipment and services on request
- Consistent travel management including registration and meeting arrangements
- Organize local and international Meetings, Conferences and special events
- Assist in budget planning and monthly review on plan/actual costs proactively
- File and maintain personal files (e.g. training files)
- Prepare start of newcomers by organizing equipment / software and initiate all necessary administrative steps
- Welcome visitors and provide administrative support
- Screen and handle e‐Mails, post and phone calls of line leader and organize his/her schedule

- Professional training for industrial or office clerk or Bachelor degree
- At least 3 years administrative experience in an international environment on a compatible level
- Project management experience
- Excellent spoken and written English and German
- Familiarity with standard software
- Ability to handle software and databases needed to support the regulatory function
The position is based in Darmstadt and asap available. Please forward your application to Tom Sander (is-chemie@randstad.de) or www.randstad.de. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Tom Sander.

Good to know you 
Tom Sander
Senior Account Specialist Inhouse Services

Randstad Deutschland
Otto - Hesse - Str. 19
64283 Darmstadt

T +49 6151 4930716
M +49 1522 2726018
Tom Sander
Randstad Inhouse Service
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