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Implementation and Maintenance of the IT infrastructure
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Angemeldet: 05.09.2012
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Verfasst am: Mi März 02, 2016 11:26 Titel: Implementation and Maintenance of the IT infrastructure Antworten mit Zitat

On behalf of our client we are looking for IT support (m/w) especially with extensive experience with scripting in Darmstadt asap to improve and create processes. This will require some extensive rewriting of current build scripts.

• An automated build process
• Continuous running of test cases were possible
• Improved reporting/real-time notification of build failure/test failures etc.
• Release management
• Improve the current software package management and deployment
• Enable releases to be easily and efficiently implemented, tested and deployed
• Simplification of the development environment
• All prerequisites libraries, jar files, environmental variables etc, should be available from version control
• Advice, suggestions and introduction of tools, practices and strategies for the software configuration management.
• In the performance of these activities, the key person shall follow the relevant operations change control and maintenance procedures.
• University degree (or equivalent) in a relevant engineering discipline, the key person must being able to work autonomously and have good analytical skills.
• System Development & Maintenance Skills
• Experience of building complex software, in particular setting up a continuous integration environment (e.g. Jenkins).
• Experience of migrating and updating SubVersion repositories
• Advanced knowledge and experience of using ant and make
• Extensive experience of scripting languages
• Extensive experience with software package management
• working language for the position is English

Please forward your CV to Tom Sander (ris-dtag.darmstadt@randstad.de) or apply with www.randstad.de. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Tom Sander.
Good to know you 

Randstad Deutschland
Otto - Hesse - Str. 19
64283 Darmstadt

T +49 6151 4930716
Tom Sander
Randstad Inhouse Service
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